Pot art creation

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    Painting work of art with different Media

    Different artist use different Painting Media their art creation to express their creativity. While some artists find oil painting the largest part appropriate to their style, some prefer watercolors. In fact it is said that if an artists finds the painting media in any art creation they were mostly suitable to his or her style then half the work is done in this medium. Some artist would not have been the same had it not been oil on wood board. The decision of choosing a medium of clours is a big one for any artist art creativity. He first has to decide on his or her theme base art, think about the style he or she is going to make use of to bring the idea addicted to the canvas and then make the ultimate decision of choosing the painting media. Although most artists experiment with different medias it is said that they can give their best only by using different mediums. Their creative independence of painting is such with the intention of an artist can decide almost any media to articulate his or her exertion. One just needs to have the eye to see the potential, the whole humankind is the canvas for someone with an artistic nature. To limit art to only few selected media would be responsibility it a grave prejudice.

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      These are all pot paintings............

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