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    Clay naturally loses humidity as it is showing to air. It is important that clay doesn't dry elsewhere too speedily as it will risk furious. Clay artists must constantly observe the moisture level of their clay art creation and adjust the dampness level as needed. The artist can conscientiously strips the clay with hose down from a spray bud vase while he or she is operational on a slab manufacture. This will keep the terracotta at a leather-hard juncture, which will make it more practical. It is important not to send out too much water though, since the clay could lose muscle and become liquid. Since clay should dry slowly, shopping bag all project in air-tight plastic personal belongings when not operation on them. If the assignment is slightly dry, set a wet sponge in the bag to add moisture to the piece. Once a clay body has missing all wetness and become bone dry, it can no longer be employment with. It must moreover be fired or compressed and remixed with irrigate to make elastic clay once more. Clay can lose moisture during the wedging process. To help offset this loss, keep a spray bottle filled of water useful to spray on the clay infrequently. If the clay gets too wet, divide it into lesser portions and squash it onto the wedge board. The wedging plank will soak up the damp and then the soil can be put back jointly and wedged.

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    1. shilpkar says:

      1'st one is thali decoration and second one is Painting on kurta..............

    2. Ritu says:

      WOW! amazing

      The thali decoration is very beautiful and really very creative.....

      keep it up dear....

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