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    Fram rangoli art
    Fram rangoli 2012
    This is very creative rangoli  in my whole rangoli art creation. Although it is preparing by using two colors only that are white and black not more then this. When I am preparing this rangoli I have taken the time of 20 min only, also giving training in this rangoli art creation in only 4 days of  2 hours. This 4 days training will increase your skills in rangoli art section. All kinds of people will take part in this training I will manage them according to age.
    Various types of rangoli I am teaching in 4 days:
    1. inside water
    2. Outside water
    3. Anaaz
    4. Flower
    5. Folk
    6. Comb
    7. Sanskar
    8. Freehand
    9. Finger
    10. Poster

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