Art Creation on pot

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    Paintings and drawings of animals dating back to prehistoric times have been found in the caves in Madhya Pradesh art creation. The Mesolithic paintings of Narsingarh (M.P.) show skins of spotted deer left drying which indicate that man has acquired the art of tanning skins for clothing and the paintings art creation of these period musical instruments like the harp figure to show that the awareness of creation of sound and the concept of rhythm had appeared. The paintings of the Mesolithic period contain geometric forms like the spiral, square, circle and rhomboid. A painting is art creation from Joanna (M.P.) shows a square divided by vertical lines into compartments. Thousands of years later, paintings appear on the seals of the Harappa Civilization art creation. In the early historic rock paintings the animals are depicted as half human and half animal. In the paintings of the later period, men are depicted as riding on cattle and elephants. Battle scenes, royal processions, men riding garrisoned horses predominate the rock canvas as in Manado Hills, M.P. The Ajanta art creation and Eldora caves and the Baugh cave are excellent specimens of paintings of the early Christian era art creation.

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