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    The first five principles deal with artistic frame of mind to draw water color painting, tradition, and craft art creation. The Sixth Principle is rather cryptically translated as "Transmission by copying," or "Transmission of the experience of the past in continuing a theme of such art creation."The sixth principle is actually dual in nature. The first nature inspires you to copy elements of the art that came before you, the art that has been accepted by society and artists as "good". This includes learning the methods, techniques, styles, and successful themes from the Famous Artists in the pages of art creation history books of water color painting and internet archives. Carefully studying, understanding, and copying good art creation of any era is a good thing as an element of expanding your knowledge and craft as an artist. Remember, direct copies are not your art creation, they reflect your craft not your creativity. You can borrow the spirit and finesse of other artists while pursuing your art, but not their images. The second nature of the sixth principle involves directly copying nature, seeing and replicating what you see through your materials art creation. Formally trained artists and art students are required to draw and paint from life. The scenarios differ; drawing plaster casts, life drawing with models nude and clothed art creation, portraiture, landscape painting, still life, floral; all are direct interaction with the scene in front of you with you as the visual reporter art creation of water color painting. All your journaling, sketching, and doodling successfully fulfill this side of artistic studying air art creation. This collection provides brief introductions to over 40 historical and contemporary artists we consider to be of the highest caliber water color painting. Explore the links above (and beyond) and let them take you to the places and images that inspire and interest you personally water color painting. The more you see, and the more you make art, the more you'll be able to find yourself as an artist water color painting in this art creation.

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