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    Mural Painting (Latin murus,"wall"), is decoration of walls or ceilings for artistic or educational purposes, execute in any of several technique. Most often used to beautify public buildings, mural paintings tend to be of large scale and to portray religious, significant, or patriotic themes significant to the public. Personally allied to architectural and ornamental schemes, mural art frequently emphasize or enhance interior design, or can change it, giving the illusion of diverse spatial dimensions.

    Mural painting techniques embrace encaustic painting, fresco, oil work of art, and tempera painting; the term wall painting is in fact often second-hand interchangeably with the stipulations mural or mural painting. Ceramic objects and, more freshly, liquid silicates, acrylics, and ablaze porcelain enamel are other medium often in employment in mural art. Some modern mural has also been self-possessed of photograph. Mosaics, often used to adorn fortifications and ceilings, are well thought-out a separate genre, nevertheless.

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    1. Ritu says:

      Hey Priyanka...

      Very gud Mural Painting.. really very attractive. I like your paintings, they all are so nice and very creative..

      Keep up the good job!

    2. shilpkar says:

      Thanks ritu you really appreciate me every time and also thanks for visiting my blog daily.

    3. Really it’s great art. ....please keep posting with new one and also update you blog. You can also update your blog by facebook

    4. shilpkar says:

      Thanks for the seggestion Parul...........

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