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    A very earliest art form, mural painting is create on the walls of prehistoric caves, most remarkably those in Altamira, Spain, and the Lascaux caves in southern France (see Paleolithic Art). In the faraway East, mural painting begin in China about 1700 and from in attendance spread to Korea and Japan. A marvelous series of painting on Buddhist themes, done in tempera (between the 2nd century bc and the 7th century ad), cover the ramparts of caves in Ajanta, India. Wall work of art was one of the extremely urbanized arts of ancient Egypt, the walls and ceiling of tomb chamber were decorated in tempera with information and motifs symbolize life in the afterworld. The fortress of ancient Crete was enhanced with brilliantly colored fresco painting of flowers, flora and fauna, and human facts, and public edifices as well as confidential dwellings all through ancient Greece were normally festooned in tempera and encaustic; the institution was accepted on into later Hellenistic and Roman times. predominantly significant are the illusionistic painting of landscape, still life, and the human form found on the walls of building at Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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