Glass Painting

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    Glass Painting art creation Instructions and Tips

    1) The piece of glass chosen for glass painting should have a smooth, plain and clear surface. Printed glass and designed surfaces should not be used, as the painting will not be prominent then. Since natural oils from the hands tend to smudge the glass surface, it is advisable to put on surgical or latex gloves while handling the glass piece of art creation.

    2) The glass surface should be cleaned adequately to free it from dust and dirt. The glass paint will fail to stick on a dusty surface art creation. One should make use of warm water and soap to clean the surface of the glass art creation. The glass surface should be thoroughly dried using a paper towel or clean cloth.

    3) People not confident about freehand painting can trace the design on a sheet of drawing paper and then tape it to the inside of the glass piece. Make sure the piece of paper chosen is the same size as the glass piece. This is one of the easiest glass painting techniques, as once the picture has been taped, all one requires to do is paint, using the traced paper below as a reference. People using freehand style should place a white cloth or paper below the glass for clarity while painting art creation.

    4) Trace out the design using the black liner provided in the kit. This step must be done carefully, as it is this black outline that defines the final glass painting. Make sure the lining is smooth, with least number of breaks and bumps. One can carry out this step slowly, taking as much time as one requires.

    5) Be careful not to smudge the previously drawn outline while outlining another portion of the painting. Allow the outline to dry completely art creation. Beginners may find some extra lines formed while outlining. Such extra lines can be removed with the help of a blade or outline thinner.

    6) Once the outline has dried completely, the painting is ready to be adorned with the vibrant glass paints. Depending on the design of the painting art creation, the paints are to be chosen. Glass paints come in bottles with a user-friendly nozzle, which allows one to apply the paint directly onto the glass. However, if the glass paint is available in wide-mouth bottles, then the paint can be applied using a regular watercolor brush (a thin one). Stir the bottles well before use, and never mix them with water, as water thins the paint.

    7) Narrow down the painting art creation in smaller zones, and concentrate on one zone at a time. This way, the painting will not appear so intimidating. Always remember to allow the paints in one zone to dry completely before doing the adjacent ones. This is because there is the possibility of paints from one zone seeping into the other through the outline, and then merging. This will ruin the entire painting.

    8) While applying the paints, one should ensure that the glass piece is kept intact. Moving the glass can cause the paint to run all across the painting, thereby ruining it. The glass piece should not be disturbed until the glass paint dries completely. Keep siblings and pets away! Once the paint has dried, the painting is ready to be framed and hung on the wall in art creation.

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