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    A Mehndi art tattoo is the hottest new body art. Find stylish a Mehndi art creation art tattoo design and henna tattoos at Earth Henna. Whether it's called a Mehndi tattoo, Mehndi art, Mehndi art creation design or Mehndi henna by those who don't know that Mehndi is the Hindi word for henna body painting, Mehndi art creation patterns are appearing in the unlikeliest places. Mehndi art designs are not only on the bodies of Mehndi tattoo enthusiasts. Many a Mehndi tattoo adorns the bodies of permanently tattooed people, too. Mehndi designs are rivaling traditional tattoo designs in popularity. Today, Mehndi art creation patterns are seen on skirts, t-shirts, dresses-anything that can serve as a canvas for Mehndi art inspired designs. Mehndi art tattoo is the hottest new thing to appear on all kinds of textiles. Mehndi patterns now appear on curtains, rugs and bedspreads. Mehndi tattoos are available in kits for people who want to draw Mehndi art on their bodies, as well as for those who want to draw inspiration for Mehndi art creation designs for whatever reason.
    Mehndi henna may not be a real term, but if Mehndi henna is asked for, with the success of Mehndi art creation, it's a sure thing Mehndi art creation art patterns will be made available. Mehndi art creation is the art of applying Henna (using only natural ingredients) to the skin as a body art to give you a temporary design. When the paste first comes off, the design is usually orange, then oxides to a lovely cocoa-brown tone that lasts about 7 to 10 days, sometimes longer... The pictures you see here that have black-lined designs are taken with the henna paste still on the skin. Henna is never black. See this link if you desire more information about Black Henna, and why I'll use it. I use only natural henna powder (powdered leaves of the plant Lawsonia Inermis) mixed with lemon juice, sugars, and essential oils.

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