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    The natural fancy diamonds are taken out from the earth’s crust in various different colors like red, green pink and Brown Diamonds Art. The natural colored brown diamonds Art are taken out from the earth’s crust and cut into various fancy shapes and given different types of cuts on its facets. The brown colored diamonds once being considered as the low colored diamonds due to which they were used in factories and industries and especially for mining purposes. The brown fancy diamonds are formed under the earth’s crust after a very long period which lasts to hundred’s of years. Diamonds are formed when the atoms of carbon are constantly being pushed and pressurised by the earth for hundreds of years. Then these atoms join together and form crystals. The crystals of diamond are in a lattice structure. All the diamonds which are formed naturally due to combination of carbon atoms are colorless. A diamond attains a color due to the type of impuirities it is being surrounded with at the time of formation. So a colorless diamond turns into a brown diamond when it is being surrounded by nickel impurities. Brown Diamonds Art turn brown because of the irradiation by very high energy particles like the electrons, neutrons and gamma rays which knocks off the atoms of carbon and produces different types of vaccancies in the diamond lattice. As the irradiation produces green color centers in the colorless diamond. The diamonds should then be heated to a temprature of 600˚ celcius which will turn the colorless diamond into a colored brown diamond.

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