Plaster of paris and clay work..........

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    Ceramic Art creation must Create a uniform Clay models. The first step in creating ceramic is developing and maintaining a standardized clay body. A harmonized clay body is one in which the moisture level is not too high or too near to the ground and the clay display the same moisture steadiness throughout. It is significant that the clay remains the same uniformity because this will help to stop air bubbles from developing. It will also advance the clay's suppleness and workability.
    To create a uniform clay body, the clay must be blocked. Wedge clay is much like manipulation. The clay is hard-pressed and pulls on a canvas wedge board awaiting all parts of the clay organization appear to be the same reliability. The performer can tell when the clay is prepared because it is all one paint and wedges without difficulty. If uncertain, cut from side to side the clay with a wire reaper and scrutinize the clay to make in no doubt that it is all one shade.

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    1. shilpkar says:

      This is a tree made up of plaster of Paris and clay work on pipe stand with ceramic colours.

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