Lamasa art on photo Frames......

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    In many cases, a mural is commissioned by a government or institution, because it represents a costly Art creation. For this reason, murals are often found in places like schools, government buildings, and on the outside of buildings in urban areas. Murals and the people who create them often become well known, due to the large scale and themes depicted. Art creation muralists, as was Michelangelo. Most muralists produce artwork in multiple media, rather than simply murals alone, demonstrating a remarkable range of skills, as it takes an excellent eye to meet the special needs of murals. Characteristically, a mural is applied directly to a prepared surface such as a fresco. Fresco like that used in the Sistine Chapel is a wet plaster to which paints are added. As the paints dry, they fade slightly, but also lock into the plaster, making them longer lasting and less likely to flake or peel. Usually, a team of artists works together on a mural under the supervision of a master artist, who keeps the plans for the overall design of Art creation and directs individual team members as they work on specific projects.

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    1. shilpkar says:

      Art of lamasa with ceramic and fevicol.

    2. Gaurav says:

      really beautiful. . .
      specially the color combination pink and blue at border

    3. shilpkar says:

      Thanks Gaurav for appreciating my Ceramic work Photo fram...........

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