Ethnic paintings

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    Ethnic paintings are those challenges to take you on an informative side to the lively world of paintings, with a special emphasis on Indian paintings. The never-ending variety of Indian paintings includes, Glass paintings, Warli paintings, Pad paintings, Miniature painting, Madhubani paintings, Patachitras, Batik paintings and additional Tribal painting art creation . In the beginning work of art the walls in ancient times, Indian painting has development towards watercolors plus oil paintings, retaining its unique passion. You will find painting all over in India - from street to temples, from festival to religious ceremony - painting is an most important component of Indian life and method.
    Our behavior is going to present each float up of this revered art to every worshipper of art creation . There is a capital of well-researched and complete article on a variety of painting medium, famous paintings, painting tools and famous artists, accepted painting styles and activities of art creation , and a great deal more on the art of all painting.

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    1. rimi says:

      Hey dear nice blog......i also like ur blog gimme gud ideas n info....thnx sweetie n keep it up......

    2. Rohit says:

      Wow..thats really a cool ..painting ,i have seen some of the traditional indian ethenic paintings but not as good as this one,i wonder one must could not take a eye from it..i keep tickling this painting as it really has the panoroma of ancient Indian mythology..great work..!

    3. rahul says:

      Hey..I agree with's such a marvelous painting. Moreover it's looking like a real picture. Great effort...

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